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We really like the food you make. Great flavours!

Dahlia, 01 May 2021

First time, we order from you guys, the foods was really tasty, and full of flavor. We will be order from you guys again for sure.

Daisy, 25 Apr 2021

Always great foods and delivery has been improve since the last time we order, much more quicker now.

Rebecca , 18 Apr 2021

Always delicious and on time

Tracy, 14 Apr 2021

I normally really enjoy your food but was deeply disappointed this weekend when we ordered the green curry with grilled chicken. The quality of the chicken was appalling - it was jelly-like and tasteless. You can tell they were incredibly cheap chickens. And that's a dish we've had many times before and enjoyed. I will not be ordering again unless you can assure me you are no longer buying those chickens and have returned to higher quality meat.

Alya Hazell, 13 Apr 2021

good food

Yvonne, 12 Apr 2021

We order your foods yesterday, always been delivery fast, as I was told that there might be delay but it’s wasn’t any delay at all. We were really happy that our foods were delivery fast and still hot. Had such great meal. Will definitely come by the restaurant, once the lockdown is over.

Amie, 06 Apr 2021

We love Pandan and the food is always quickly delivered and consistently excellent!

Sarah, 05 Apr 2021

we saw so many great reviews from your websites and we decided to try your foods. its was so lovely and full of flavor. Also your restaurants was very local to us,and that is a bonus for us. However, the packages of the container with the cling film wrap around was a bit digesting to be honest. its was touching the curry, which i felt the hygiene was not great. Due to whole Covid-19 Pandemic. We try to rip off the cling film wrap in the curry but there was a small pieces inside the curry as well. We just couldn't eat, have to throw them all away. :( it was such a shame for us.

Maya, 28 Mar 2021

wasnt able to pay via card via internet

Zakir, 20 Mar 2021

We love Pandan Leaf, everything is always fresh and full of flavour. We are really lucky it is local to us!

Leah, 12 Mar 2021

Delicious, fresh, tasty

Craig, 12 Mar 2021

Excellent food as always, in particular the special massaman curry. Prompt delivery too - 10 minutes earlier than expected.

Dave, 05 Mar 2021

  Reply : Thank you very much.

Excellent food every time, and very good value! Thank you Pandan Leaf

Jessica, 05 Mar 2021

  Reply : Thank you very much.

I had a really bad experience today with you!!! I am in quarantine in a really stressful time and I ordered food from my favorite local Thai! The food was really spicy that I couldn't even put in my mouth! My lips were on fire! I have eaten many times in the restaurant and never experienced that. I phoned back asking if they could re send the food less spicy and the answer was No! It did say on the description with chilly and I'm fine with chilies but it didn't mention anywhere spicy or very spicy. I've explained to the owner that it should mention on the menu if it's really spicy and he insisted that that's the way they cooked it and there was no way I would have other food delivered. I even proposed to take back the food that I won't eat and the answer was no!! I found really poor customer service especially in a time where we should help each other. I even mentioned that I was in quarantine with my daughter and he didn't seem to care at all. The answer was we are really busy! I found the all experience really upsetting! Certainly they lost a loyal customer! Also in every menu there is always a description if food is really spicy but nothing was mentioned on their menu

Gigi, 05 Mar 2021

  Reply : Sorry that you had a bad experience with us. As we discussed on the phone, you said that you had this dish before at our restaurant, therefore you must of know how spicy it is going to be. I understand that you in quarantine and it is stressful but we have a policy that we cannot take food back, especially during COVID. If you are unsure or need any help with our menu, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you. Thank you.

I couldn’t change the time but I want my order at 6.30 pm thanks

Gigliola, 05 Mar 2021

Excellent food and enjoyed very much

Maria, 28 Feb 2021

Worked really well. Easy to use :-)

John, 26 Feb 2021

Fantastic quality food. Fresh, tasty and authentic. Best Thai in the area.

Pambos, 21 Feb 2021

Perfectly cooked, delicious thai cuisine! We really enjoyed all the fishes from seafood curry to duck and starters, rice very tasty.

Naiomi, 17 Feb 2021

realy realy good. very fresh thanks

Graham, 14 Feb 2021

We love Pandan

Benjamin, 13 Feb 2021

Hello I’ve just ordered a pad Thai dish, red curry and selection of your starters. I am sorry to say it was very disappointing - the starters were inedible and I got the feeling they and the noodles weren’t cooked today and was just reheated.

Jessie Hewitson , 06 Feb 2021

  Reply : Hello Jessie. I believe that you made an order through Ubereat. Your order are Freshly made. The reason it look reheated is Because uberdriver are taking look to pick up your order. We are doing Delivery service also you can order with us though this website. Please get in touch with uber eat about this order. Thank you

Quick delivery! Enjoyable meal

Ken, 31 Jan 2021

great services/ tasty food, and quick delivery today.

Sam, 13 Jan 2021

Fantastic food ,great service!

Peter, 09 Jan 2021